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Do you have a feature film project that is ready to go, but you need to lock down a production company that can handle every stage of production? Get in touch with us to see if we’re the right fit to bring your project to life.

EEL (casting & cinematography)

Will Gordh served as Director of Photography on Director James Kaelan's arthouse thriller, "Eel."


Sara chases her dream of becoming an actress to a secluded Palm Springs vacation home where director Hatham's creative team is in the middle of work-shopping his latest project.  However, the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur as Sara realizes that the cast and crew have become psychologically imprisoned by their director.


NIGHT WATCHER (director)

"Night Watcher" marks Will Gordh's feature length directorial debut and is available on DVD. The Film is being distributed domestically by Lionsgate Entertainment and worldwide by Fabrication Films.



Following the unexpected suicide of her mother, Angela finds comfort in her new friendship with Brian. One day she receives a terrifying package containing a voyeuristic tape. The tape chronicles her mother's final days and reveals that someone had been following, watching...stalking her. As the death toll around town rises, it becomes clear that this is no mere coincidence. They thought they were suicides, but the truth was far worse.




THE BLACKOUT (co-producer)

Will Gordh served as a Co-Producer and Assistant Director on Director Matt Hish's irreverent and raunchy comedy.


The night before embarking on their first world tour, Bad Math is about to sign a major recording contract, when they're sandbagged into throwing the party to end all parties. They awaken to find half the band missing, the house completely destroyed, and a dead guy in the pool! They can't remember a thing, but have to figure out what happened or their Rock and Roll dream is over. State Dependent Learning is their only hope, in other words, they have to drink to remember. The prior night's debauchery comes back to them as they get Halfway to a Blackout against insurmountable odds. Will Bad Math realize they're greater than the sum of their parts in time to keep their mostly-virgin asses from jail, and salvage their dream of rock super stardom?



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